artist statement

My current work deals with the form of the horse in the space of the canvas. I explore this form through color and shape, juggling between definition and obscurity. The canvases are large, making the horse's head or body life-size or larger. An intentional juxtaposition of expressive marks, varying paint quality, and bright colors against a calm, still position of the horse is created. Energetic angles, multiple layers, and suggestions of space make this work about the painting as much as it is about the image of the horse.

For me, the horse is a muse that I am surrounded by every day. I live above them, take care of them, photograph them, ride them; they are part of living. To capture them in photographs is a primary way to create an image. To translate that image into an oil painting is an exciting way for me to recreate what I feel and see when I look at a horse.


2008 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Montserrat College of Art, Beverly MA
2001 Bachelor of Science, Animal Science, University of Maine, Orono

Ex Arte Equinus II; book version of 2008-2009 Arte Equinus art competition
The Reporters, August 28, 2008 Four Artists Exhibit review

2008 Liberal Arts Graduation Award
2008 Fran Carreiro Scholarship
2007 Lawrence & Frances Swan Smith Award
2006 Art Education Merit Award
2006 Lisa Elwell Encouragement Award
2005 Foundation Merit Award